How not to design your Reception, the vital first point of contact…..

Continuing my theme of business Reception areas, one test I try is to sit in the chairs and see what you can see, it is quite nice to be able to see the Receptionist, that human face who might even smile at you at some point and for them to see that they still have people waiting.

The pictures below are an example of the triumph of design over experience, I am sure the desk looked great on the plans but I suspect that they didn’t get a sense of the height  – or at least I hope they didn’t!  So the Receptionist actually has to stand up and emerge from her bunker to engage a customer. At all other times it looks like the desk is unmanned and you are sitting in an empty space which in this case was a little disconcerting and not at all welcoming 🙁

The direct business consequence, as this was in fact the Reception for some shared office space to rent that I was looking at using, was they did not get the business as I could not imagine my clients being welcomed in this way.

So this is like a magic trick now you see me now you don’t!


Now you don't

Now you see me..

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