When small data is king…it generates an experience…..

Maslow Welcome

This picture was taken in my room at the Maslow hotel in Johannesburg, the back story is that I have spent many nights there as it sits directly opposite the offices of Nedbank – a client in South Africa.

The system registers my stays and even though I had not been back to the hotel for nearly a year the personalised greeting still arrived.  It is of course unlikely that an individual could have managed that feat of memory.

The point though is that the single piece of data (number of nights stayed)  only has value IF the company that holds it chooses to act on it.

The question to ask yourself is simple what data in your business is actually triggering actions versus being stored for eternity in the virtual warehouse in the sky – and of course you are paying to keep it ‘just in case’ 😉

p.s. notice my name has been handwritten on the card, the human touch…


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