When recycling can damage your experience….

On a trip to South Africa I had the joy of staying at the Winston Hotel in Jo’burg, a really quirky and fun hotel a mix of boho chic and old fashioned hotel.

There I was having a lovely breakfast in the open-air atrium area, nice crockery, pristine napkins and then I spotted the marmalade jar in the picture.

Now please understand that I am all in favour of recycling in this throw away world we live in.  As a small aside I do find it vaguely amusing that some restaurants insist on using refillable water bottles rather than a jug to make it look like they are serving you ‘bottled water’!!

Perhaps it was the stark contrast with the nice shiny, unopened jar of strawberry jam on the same plate that made this stand out for the wrong reasons!  This was taking it a little too far, were the contents as old and knackered as the jar… it was only a detail but it had a negative impact on how I felt about the breakfast and to some small extent the hotel.  This is another example of my recurring theme that it in the world of customer experience it is ‘the little things that count’….that said I would still recommend it as a lovely escape from the stereotypical big hotels chain experiences of today 😉

Marmalade gone wrong


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