BA basic error in customer experience….

I have just returned from lovely holiday in the Greek islands and the company we used had BA as their carrier.  On the return flight we were offered a lunchtime snack on the 4 hour journey, nicely presented in a colourful and clearly designed box.

The sandwich was good quality and I was looking forward to the cheese and crackers to follow.

Now from a commercial perspective I know what a big deal it is for suppliers to have their brand selected for use on board giving not only sales to the airline but a free tasting opportunity to this captive audience too.

I unpacked the plastic cutlery and oops couldn’t find a knife so I looked again and still no sign, I was left with a choice of a plastic spoon or a plastic tea stirrer to try and do the job that was not going to work. Thinking this was a ‘rogue box’ I asked my fellow passengers if I could borrow theirs….but they didn’t have a knife either and you will see from the picture below that this was a block that needed cutting.  Now what to do so I considered gnawing off pieces so that I could put some lumps onto the cracker, maybe take a bite of cracker then a bite of cheese…

So instead of these I asked the Stewardess what I was supposed to do – she looked a little bemused and didn’t really know.  As she moved off she had a brain wave and returned from the galley with a set of cutlery that did have a knife  – so I was ok, I then noted that no one else was made the offer even though the issue was now in the BA staff domain..maybe she didn’t have enough sets??

Anyway the point is that it is the detail that counts and so the lovely cheese company (it was great cheese when I eventually got to eat it!!) is missing out and passengers are left slightly ‘bemused’ …why put cheese that needs cutting up into a box that does not contain knife!!!

BA food no knife


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