People make the difference in experiences…..Watergate Bay…

Despite all the investments in technology and data that bedevil the Customer Experience world and much as they are useful to provide the props and critical data to support the delivery of some experiences in the end it is all about people that make that real difference.

Investing in finding the right people, training supporting and motivating the people in your business and equipping them with the right props down to how they look on occasion will make you stand out.

To illustrate what I mean, on a recent visit to Cornwall we went and stayed with some friends in the stunningly beautiful Watergate Bay – probably one of the best places on the planet where you can see a whole range of weather in just one day.  Right on the seafront is the Watergate Bay Hotel which we decided to explore – now to put this in perspective this place costs £100’s per night in high season so expectations were high.

The brochures for the place are also very slick and present an image of relaxed but attentive high quality service – so how did they do and what can we learn?

The staff are indeed very relaxed we wandered into the Restaurant to have a look at the view and were greeted by what we assume is the Restaurant Manager he greets us with a smile, we say we just want to have a look around around “feel free to join us and if you need anything just ask” ..nice, he was also dressed like ‘surfer style’, trendy hairstyle and the rest (we guess he was the Restaurant Manager), the Reception staff similarly casually dressed in what was clearly ‘uniform’ but it looked very in keeping clearly this had been carefully thought about.  In the Foyer there was a huge chalk board that gave all the essential details of the day from the temperature to tides and beach status…given this was the stormiest weekend of the summer the status was Red Flag all day – as we discussed this and with a note of disappointment as the kids wanted to go surfing one of the Hotel team stepped in “couldn’t help but overhear your conversation, there is another beach 15 minutes away where you could go surfing, it’s not red flagged because it is not as exposed as Watergate Bay”.  Clearly we did not ask for the intervention but it was really helpful  -people make the difference, this was very much in line with our expectations of the (let’s not deny it) expensive Hotel and maybe even exceeded it.  So combining two of the attributes I look for in terms of positive experiences – attention to detail (providing all the information on the Board) and positive smiling people who are ready to help even without being asked and have been recruited/trained/dressed and supported in doing so :))

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