Easy Jet let down on the last leg of the experience….

I have to start this by saying that I do like Easy Jet they are convenient for me being near Luton airport, the flights are usually on time and the prices are good – they have led the way with basic travel with some simple frills like ‘speedy boarding’ and reserved seats.

On our latest holiday the family flew Easy Jet and all was fine on the outward leg and on the return until we got to baggage reclaim at Luton Airport.  Now I am going to guess that they contract out this part of the ‘customer experience’ – so we arrived and after a long trawl through the airport from plane to passport control w eventually arrived at the baggage reclaim expecting the bags if not already to be there then very soon after given how long it was since we had landed.

You can guess what happened the baggage did not arrive, so we waited and waited and waited…after another 45 minutes or so the sound we had all been waiting for the beeping noise and the spinning yellow lamp that says the baggage is about to be deposited onto the carousel.  One bag emerged, then a gap of 10-20 seconds and one more emerged and this continued for the entire time bags were unloaded…one at a time and with big gaps, the crowd was less than happy as that whole process was now extended by another 30 minutes even though bags were actually visible!!!

You can see the strange spacing of the cases in the photo below and trust me the whole flights baggage came out with that spacing!!

Luggage carousel

Now what do we learn from this and what could have happened apart from the bags being put on the carousel at pace not least given the huge delay.  What was lacking was any form of communication there was no one to update the increasingly agitated passengers it was if the Easy Jet journey ended when we left the aircraft but of course it doesn’t,,,so where was that person that could have given us all information???  There was a study done a while ago that showed that once people are waiting beyond a certain time (around 12-15 minutes) if they are not given information the experience degrades at an exponential rate.  What would it take to have someone providing an update even if the delay was going to be another 30 minutes at least people can go and get a coffee, adjust their minds, delay the awaiting taxi or friends…so Easy Jet your responsibility even if you don’t actually move the bags is to your passengers until they have collected their bags and are on their merry way!!

Luggage carousel


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