Experience the new world (wooden) bicycle….it made me smile….hic!

I spotted this whilst in Majorca earlier in the summer, it stood out immediately because of the colour but on closer inspection you realise that this is actually a wooden bike fro an adult, the first one I have ever seen!  So I did a little investigation and was amazed to find that there is a whole industry out there producing all manner of amazing bikes made out of wood.  Yes you can buy a carbon fibre bike today (if you have enough money and don’t get me wrong some of the wooden bikes can cost thousands if you have the cash) but you can get one that weighs less than 10KG made of ash wood!!  Environmental as bicycles are when made out of metal they still have that carbon footprint and frankly the visual experience of these wooden bikes is amazing and fun – it makes you smile and as in some of the other posts in my blog that counts for a lot when I rank the “emotional experience” of a product – in this case I am sure it makes you smile as the rider and it makes passers by smile too –  a real double win!

Wooden Bike

Of course the picture below courtesy of ‘Woodbikes’ was almost enough to have me go out and buy one (….not that I would drink and ride of course) – it is a new take on the ‘water bottle’ holder on those boring old metal bikes….cheers :))



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