Clocks change an opportunity to deliver an experience…..

I had the pleasure of being in the village of Topsham in the South West of England for a birthday party – my wife and I were staying at The Salutation a pub, come gastro come B&B in the village.  This was last weekend and the evening that the clocks changed out of British Summer Time, something that it is easy to forget not least ahead of and after a big party night!


So what lovely surprise to find the note pictured here on the pillow –  simple reminder but if you read the word an opportunity to highlight one of the key experiential parts of at the Bed & Breakfast establishment …yep how comfortable was the bed…and I can assure you it was and so we would highly recommend the beds at the Salutation!  It takes a bit of thought to take these opportunities to create the experience but it is these little things that really do count and what did it cost, yep NOTHING!  Will we now recommend this place to friends and even return ourselves yes we will 🙂