A helpful piece of information to enhance your driving experience…..

When I was working with Mazda out in Orange County California a couple of years back I found out a piece of information that was one of those “REALLY” moments, maybe you already know this but I didn’t and actually some of the Mazda team didn’t either!

In the picture below you will see the fuel gauge from my car and an icon with a petrol pump …on the side of the pump icon you will see an arrowhead…guess what… that is pointing out to you which side of the car your fuel filler cap is.  So no more driving onto the garage forecourt and trying to remember which side to go just look at the pump icon and it will tell you.

This is great example of attention to detail in design terms that is not then followed through in terms of communicating this to the customer – it is one of those things that is useful to have and even more useful to know that you have!!!

Businesses need to think about what they actually want and need to tell their customers.

What have you most likely even invested in and then not told your customers about?  

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