How to ruin a pub experience….

So I was in a lovely English pub/bar last week and it got towards closing time, last orders for drinks were at 10.50pm and the place was due to close at around 11.30pm, I had taken someone along with me as my guest.

So imagine my surprise when just before 11pm the bar staff decided to start getting ready to go home, tables were moved, the floor was being swept and to make us feel truly uncomfortable and not welcome the chairs and stools were being stacked on the tables around us!

One thing is for sure I won’t be taking any friends or guests there again in a hurry.  A good evening ruined by staff that focussed on their personal task rather than their purpose of making sure guest have a good experience- that task being clean up before you leave and wanting to ensure they left having technically completed that task as the last customer walked out of the door,arrrrgh!!

Yet another example of task over-riding purpose instead of the other way around.

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