BA sells out its customer experience for the price of a tea bag….let’s play them at their own game ;)

My latest discovery in this saga, those of you that have followed my blog on the decline of the BA brand experience will be familiar with this theme (if not you can check out the story and many others here at, having taken a short flight to Amsterdam it became clear why the changes are absolutely about chasing short term cash.  Anyone that knows anything about the food industry is aware that the highest profit margins in a pub/restaurant or bar are generated by tea and coffee sales…clearly not lost on our BA friends where they are now charging £2.40!!!!! for a single tea bag and some hot water, if you went to your local supermarket and they offered you a single tea bag for £2.40 what do you think you would do???

Now bearing in mind that I could bring my own and ask for some free hot water I would suggest that we all think about doing that in future, hardly a tricky thing to carry and yes it is ‘thinking differently’ 😉


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