How to add to the customer experience just by using your packaging….

We have all learnt that packaging can be a key component of an experience, like many people I have to confess that I am one of those sad people that keeps my Apple product packaging.  Opening one of their products has been turned into an experience, the time spent designing the usually disposable and superfluous stuff your purchase comes in helps to define the brand.  No opportunity is wasted – their customers open the products with a degree of reverence and joy that is probably unsurpassed – how to connect cardboard to human emotions!

Well in a small way I came across this whilst having breakfast in the budget hotel chain Premier Inn last weekend.  More about that later as they take my expectation versus reality test in a future blog.

For those who don’t know Marmite is a savoury spread and it has built a reputation as a product that taste wise you either love or you hate there is NO middle ground!  The brand has embraced this fan versus loath and the advertising makes great play on “love it or hate it”.

So the translation of this into packaging is a brilliant, fun extension of the message and whilst it would seem obvious I am sure that the cost of creating this type of packaging was the basis of some debates between different departments.  what I know is that it works!

#Think differently

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