How Road Runner “neep neep” is relevant to current advertising and customer experience!!

In my latest one for the weekend pieces let’s think about Acme and how Roadrunner is relevant to todays advertising and customer experience worlds…..In the modern world of advertising where so much is about how something looks and not about whether it is actually truly representative of the real customer experience of the product or service I go back to the days of Warners Bros and Road Runner  – those of you old enough to recall will remember that there was always a way out of a sticky situation you just pulled out the right Acme product and hey presto you were in business!!  The key to the success was that whatever it said on the packet was what you got so …if it said dehydrated boulder just add water that is what you did and boom you had a boulder.

Todays customers are increasingly cynical about the way that advertising’s gone and rightly so – too many are so esoteric they are more art than substance, take a look at some the ads you see over the next few days and ask yourself if they are really advertising reality or an ‘(m)adman’ parallel universe, then ask if the adverts are intended to drive trial or reinforce positive reasons why you already use the product or service where is the return on investment??? The old adage that the problem with advertising is that 50% of it works and 50% doesn’t work we just don’t know which 50% so we just keep doing ‘it’ …could be solved we know that advertising an experience that you can’t deliver is the wrong 50% 😉


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