BA continues the downward slide….despite upgrading …finally…business class :(

Interesting to read that BA is finally upgrading its massively out dated business class seating/offer.  The set up with many seats not even offering aisle access has been overtaken not once but multiple times by the competition.  The challenge they will now face from an experience perspective is the one that all large airlines suffer from when they upgrade…one leg of a flight might be on a new aircraft configuration and the next on an old one which causes real upset with passengers.  The usual solution is to roll out aircraft on a route by route basis and you can then advise passengers that they can expect the upgraded facility…it will now be very interesting to see who BA deal with this.  They have a real problem because their ageing fleet means that it won’t ever be viable to upgrade some of their work-horses…the tired old 747 in particular..they will need to wait until those aircraft are retired so the transition is likely to take years to complete by which time the competition will probably on the next generation.  I guess that BA passengers can look forward to inconsistent experiences for the foreseeable future 🙁


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